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Our Bulk SMS service let's you focus on your business not the technical issues of sending out your mass bulk SMS.
Introduction to SMSC / What is an SMSC ?

about ua smscSMS messages are transferred between mobile phones via a Short Message Service Center. The SMSC is software that resides in the operators network and manages the processes including queuing the messages, billing the sender and returning receipts if necessary. Many operators now offer web based interfaces to their SMSC so we can send short messages to any mobile phone from the web. Some websites now offer free SMS.

Network consolidation from mergers and acquisitions has resulted in large wireless net works having nationwide or international coverage. This new class of service providers demands network-grade products that can reliably and easily provide a uniform solution, enable ease of operation and administration, and accommodate existing subscriber capacity, message throughput, future growth, and services. Short messaging service center (SMSC) solutions based on an intelligent network (IN) approach are well suited to satisfy these requirements, while adding all the benefits of IN implementations.

bulk sms providerSMS provides a mechanism for transmitting short messages to and from wireless devices. The service makes use of an SMSC, which acts as a store-and-forward system for short messages. The wireless network provides the mechanisms required to find the destination station(s) and transports short messages between the SMSCs and wireless stations. In contrast to other existing text-message transmission services such as alphanumeric paging, the service elements are designed to provide guaranteed delivery of text messages to the destination. Additionally, SMS supports several input mechanisms that allow interconnection with different message sources and destinations.

SMS is characterized by out-of-band packet delivery and low-bandwidth message transfer, which results in a highly efficient means for transmitting short bursts of data. Initial applications of SMS focused on eliminating alphanumeric pagers by permitting two-way general-purpose messaging and notification services. As technology and networks evolved, a variety of services have been introduced like interactive information services , sms marketing and integration with Internet-based applications. Additionally, integration with the Internet spurred the development of Web-based messaging and other interactive applications which is popularly known as Bulk SMS.

What we do - SMSC Gateway Services -- Reliable partner for Bulk SMS Resellers

Bulk SMS ResellersAt SMSC Gateway we have a passion for technology. Our engineers and telecommunications experts are constantly working to enhance our core platform and mobile transaction network. By focusing exclusively on SMS gateway services accross the country.We enable you to concentrate on your core business

As a result of this focus and our ever-increasing expertise, our network and our core platform have grown and evolved over the years into the most reliable system for mobile message delivery and mobile billing. We leverage our core technology on every service we offer, in every market we operate in, so clients know they'll always have experience and technology powering their services worldwide.

Through our global strength and expertise, We leads the mobile industry by providing state-of-the-art technology with flexible options and control that guarantee you the right solution at a competitive price for bulk sms resellers to provide sms gateway services.


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